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“I haven’t touched drugs for 9 months now. I used to be addicted to Tylenol-3  and I used to take them every night before bed. My doctor prescribed it after my surgery.

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Drug Abuse Hotline offers information for drug addiction programs as well as insurance, financing, and scholarship opportunities. There are many different programs available for various

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There are many factors to the type of treatment you receive at a drug rehab center. Different addictions require different types of treatment. Counselors must take the mental, physical,

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What Is Drug Abuse Hotline?

Drug Rehab Financing

Drug Abuse Hotline has a relationship with accredited drug addiction treatment centers across America. Alongside a  100% free telephone call, we provide information about treatment centers that have financing available and accept insurance!  Our goal is to ensure that callers get all the information they need and get referred to the best addiction treatment centers in America. Drug abuse is growing at a rapid rate. With information technology, obtaining drugs have become easier and easier.

Drug Rehab Insurance choices

Drug abuse is a harsh reality for many people in the world. From the rich and famous to those struggling financially, people from all walks of life are susceptible to drug abuse. What many don’t realize is that help is readily available to anyone who is needs help with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or any other substance abuse. Drug Abuse Hotline is a service that helps people from all walks of life finds the help that they need.

Drug Abuse AssessmentDrug Abuse Hotline offers a place for individuals and families to receive help with drug guidance professionals to freely talk confidentially about their drug addiction. Call today so we can help you get on the road to recovery.

What is Drug Abuse?

Drug abuse is a disorder that affects more than seven percent of people at some stage of their life. Other names for drug abuse are substance abuse or chemical abuse. It is defined as an unhealthy habit of abusing one substance or many substances that lead to poor choices and poor health. Most recently, teens have become exceedingly susceptible to suffer from prescription drug abuse and to abuse drugs that are meant to relieve pain and treat other disorders such as ADD and ADHD.


What are the Commonly Abused Drugs?

 (In alphabetical order, the most commonly abused substances are as follows):

Drug Abuse Hotline



Anabolic steroids




Hallucinogens (such as LSD and Mescaline)






What are the Effects of Drug Abuse and Addiction?

Abuse of any drug can be devastating on the physiological and physical health to the user. The effects vary from substance to substance, as well as person to person. But one thing is for certain, the effects are severely detrimental to anybody. Very common side effects of drug addiction is severe depression and/or suicidal thoughts — most typically from cocaine or amphetamine use. Other effects such as extreme paranoia has been linked to marijuana addiction which may ultimately lead to a bi-polar disorder. Alongside the mental and health effects of drug abuse, there are major effects to a users family, social and personal life. 

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